Friday, August 22, 2014

New Front Yard - Before & After

Sorry, I know it's long overdue for an update on the house. The new sod is finally in and it finally looks like a real home that is part of the neighborhood. Before I had pretty much the ugliest yard and now it's so refreshing to pull up in the driveway and have a homey feeling when I get home, because the grass and new landscaping is alive and thriving.

Here is the house when I first bought it last year.

So sad looking.  :(

By the summer of last year this is how my yard looked.

So many bald spots all through it and the rest is crab grass.

Here is a close up, so many crushed seashells all over, it's hard for anything to grow.

So I hired C&S Landscaping to come in and dig up
 all of the ugly grass and put in St. Augustine grass. 

After they took the grass out, they let it stay like this for 3 months,
they had to keep spraying the weeds to make sure they killed the majority, 
since my yard was mostly weeds before.
This is weeds and crab grass all coming back after it was removed. 

Such a HUGE difference!



Home Sweet Home

I have also finished cleaning out and organizing my garage, so I will post that in the next few days.  My master bedroom is 95% finished and my office is about 90% finished, so those pics will be coming shortly, too.

Sorry for being MIA so much, but it's summer,
 and well, you know, the beach won't stop calling me.


Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Such a difference. Love everything you're doing with your home.

Jolie said...

Thanks so much! It's turning out better than I had hoped.

Dianne said...

So glad to receive a post from you again! Your front yard looks great. Can't wait to see your bedroom and office! I'm sure you had a wonderful summer by the beach:)

laura Madalene said...

Yes your home is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you have decorated. It is very classy.
Typical London House

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