Monday, October 13, 2014

Workspace - Office Before & After

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I finally took photos of the work-space all finished. I'm really happy with the results and love having everything organized and finally in its place. 

I started out with a blank canvas for sure! 



The first thing to go was the carpet.
I'm not a carpet fan. At all. There was a beautiful terrazzo floor under it, funny how people cover things up like that. Well, they needed a cleaning and shine job, but they turned out great.  I also painted the accent wall first, which was a mistake because the soap slung all over the walls from the buffer machine. Oops

Restoring Terrazzo

Then I replaced the door. It is one of those cheap hollow doors, so I replaced it with a more *office looking* door. Painted them black.  
(In the process of painting all of my interior doors black) 

New door turned out great.

When you walk in, this is the wall to the right in the pic above.  This is the area where I do general things, make jewelry, mend things, work on anything not office/computer related.
The oar on the wall, I found in the attic, which belonged to the previous owner.
I just sealed it with butcher block sealer to bring out the color. 
Chair is an old antique bankers chair my best friend gave me.

The desk is from Ikea. 

It came unfinished, so I just stained the top.

On the other side of the room is my office area where I keep all the office related things. I'm sitting at it now writing this post.  :)  

I recently heard that in 10 years from now that offices will be obsolete.  Since everyone is always on the go and taking their laptops with them and iphones/smart phones, there will be no need to keep papers (everything will be electronic by then), no need for most of the office supplies we have today.  Have you heard this?  Seems interesting, but for now, I have office things that need organized! This office space does the trick.

Mail supplies

Another view, where you walk in. 

I love this little charging area I have set up right when you walk in the door.
It helps me keep track of everything and I just put them here when done.

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Next I will post pics of the master bedroom.  Coming soon!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Refinishing the Kitchen Table

I said I would post more pics of the table I touched up. It was really old and just needed a little love put back into it. The table is probably close to 20 years old and is from Pier 1. When I lived in Atlanta, a neighbor of mine was moving and she just gave me the table and 2 wicker chairs, plus a matching hutch. Score! I recently just bought the other 2 chairs for it and finally got around to re-staining it.

I thought it had a tad bit of a country look to it with the color of the stain, which was fine in the last house I  lived in because it had more of a cottage vibe, but it just didn't feel or look right in my new place.

I sanded down the top and sides, 
there were a lot of stains and marks on it
because there was no sealer on it before.

I stained it with Minwax (which I'm not a big fan of)
but they had a new color and I wanted to try it. 
Espresso.  It's not as dark as walnut and doesn't have any red tones at all.
I don't think the built in sealer is that great.
If you know of a better brand, please let me know.

Stained the legs with Minwax black wood finish.



Look how removing the original stain and putting a fresh new coat on brought out the grain in the wood. It's so pretty now, almost doesn't even look like the same table.

Gives the room a different vibe from cottage-y to beachy.

Office photos coming very soon!
It's finished, will take pics today.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Breakfast Nook

Here is the little breakfast area right off the kitchen. It looks out onto the patio and backyard. 
There was a tiny little area inside the kitchen for a small table when I first bought the house, but I knocked out part of the wall and put cabinets there instead. I like the table here much better, it is also right next to the living room. 

  • Sliding glass door bamboo shades - Pier 1
  • Table and chairs - Pier 1
  • Round jute rug - Pottery Barn
  • Teardrop plant holder - antique store
  • Pots for plants - Ikea
  • Antique ironing board - Mom  :)

This old vintage ironing board is perfect for my plants.  I try to get easy to care for plants and so far, these are the most sturdy ones I have been able to find. I love having plants everywhere.

  • Snake plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Rubber plant
  • Succulents
  • Spider plant

The teardrop hanging plant holder is a find from an antique store. I started seeing them in home decor pics and stumbled onto this one by accident, only $10.  

This is a shot so you can see the kitchen.  The little bar stool area is something I've always wanted, so I had my handyman put that in when I first moved in. Knocked out that part of the wall and added an oak counter.  The aqua walls are so calming.  All the walls were a yellowish cream color, but the aquas and whites are so much more crisp and peaceful looking to me.  So glad I did it.

Bar stools- Ballard Design
Wall art- by Rick Piper
Paint color- Glidden Bonar Blue


I refinished the Pier 1 table and it looks so much better than before. I will post that in a separate post soon because there are a lot more pics. 

My office is also finished, so now I just need to take pics and will try to get them posted soon. Office turned out great! The master bedroom is 99% finished, so those pics will be posted shortly after the office pics.

The last room I have left to remodel is the dining room, so it will be a while for those pictures.  Oh and I also redid a bunch of things to the living room, so I should repost living room pics, too!  See, I'm back on the ball and rolling again!  :)