Friday, October 3, 2014

Breakfast Nook

Here is the little breakfast area right off the kitchen. It looks out onto the patio and backyard. 
There was a tiny little area inside the kitchen for a small table when I first bought the house, but I knocked out part of the wall and put cabinets there instead. I like the table here much better, it is also right next to the living room. 

  • Sliding glass door bamboo shades - Pier 1
  • Table and chairs - Pier 1
  • Round jute rug - Pottery Barn
  • Teardrop plant holder - antique store
  • Pots for plants - Ikea
  • Antique ironing board - Mom  :)

This old vintage ironing board is perfect for my plants.  I try to get easy to care for plants and so far, these are the most sturdy ones I have been able to find. I love having plants everywhere.

  • Snake plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Rubber plant
  • Succulents
  • Spider plant

The teardrop hanging plant holder is a find from an antique store. I started seeing them in home decor pics and stumbled onto this one by accident, only $10.  

This is a shot so you can see the kitchen.  The little bar stool area is something I've always wanted, so I had my handyman put that in when I first moved in. Knocked out that part of the wall and added an oak counter.  The aqua walls are so calming.  All the walls were a yellowish cream color, but the aquas and whites are so much more crisp and peaceful looking to me.  So glad I did it.

Bar stools- Ballard Design
Wall art- by Rick Piper
Paint color- Glidden Bonar Blue


I refinished the Pier 1 table and it looks so much better than before. I will post that in a separate post soon because there are a lot more pics. 

My office is also finished, so now I just need to take pics and will try to get them posted soon. Office turned out great! The master bedroom is 99% finished, so those pics will be posted shortly after the office pics.

The last room I have left to remodel is the dining room, so it will be a while for those pictures.  Oh and I also redid a bunch of things to the living room, so I should repost living room pics, too!  See, I'm back on the ball and rolling again!  :)

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

Love love love! All the elements you chose are perfection, and I especially love the old ironing board plant stand! <3