Monday, October 6, 2014

Refinishing the Kitchen Table

I said I would post more pics of the table I touched up. It was really old and just needed a little love put back into it. The table is probably close to 20 years old and is from Pier 1. When I lived in Atlanta, a neighbor of mine was moving and she just gave me the table and 2 wicker chairs, plus a matching hutch. Score! I recently just bought the other 2 chairs for it and finally got around to re-staining it.

I thought it had a tad bit of a country look to it with the color of the stain, which was fine in the last house I  lived in because it had more of a cottage vibe, but it just didn't feel or look right in my new place.

I sanded down the top and sides, 
there were a lot of stains and marks on it
because there was no sealer on it before.

I stained it with Minwax (which I'm not a big fan of)
but they had a new color and I wanted to try it. 
Espresso.  It's not as dark as walnut and doesn't have any red tones at all.
I don't think the built in sealer is that great.
If you know of a better brand, please let me know.

Stained the legs with Minwax black wood finish.



Look how removing the original stain and putting a fresh new coat on brought out the grain in the wood. It's so pretty now, almost doesn't even look like the same table.

Gives the room a different vibe from cottage-y to beachy.

Office photos coming very soon!
It's finished, will take pics today.

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